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Mona "Doggy" Lisa

3000 EUR

LushSux original

Mona "Doggy" Lisa
Cut out paper print on Oil painting,
Aprox 100x70cm, framed, Vienna 2017

Signed by the artist
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Whats this place? 

This is the webshop of artist and curator Sebastian Schager living and working in Vienna, Austria. Next to his work as a painter and Streetartist he curates exhibitions for Q21 MuseumsQuartier Vienna, #Streetartpassage as well as for Jan Arnold Gallery. He invites 2-3 street artists a year, each for a month long stay to live and work within one of the biggest art complexes in the world. All produced art will be put on this shop. Some of the work will be displayed at the Jan Arnold Gallery showroom as well, and will be shipped as soon as the exhibition is over. All you can see here is 100% unique, also the @Artis.Love T-Shirts, thats crazy? yeah, but quiet cool! :) 

He is also one of the founding members of:
Jan Arnold Gallery - please visit our website to stay up to date, also subscribe to the newsletter.
LEAP - Limited Edition Art Prints - Our shop for limited art editions, please visit this link for affordable prints we do with our artists!

This shop contains work by Sebastian Schager and periodically by artists invited to do a Residence in Vienna.

Here is a small portfolio 2016, just to get an idea :)

Sebastian Schager
Artist / Curator Vienna Austria

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